Globally Connected
by Large Network

The HUONIX token is based on the Ethereum blockchain

A NONPROFIT FINANCIAL FUND POWERED BY BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY CREATING A RESEARCH TO REALITY NETWORK SUPPORTING THOSE IN NEED. Huonix was developed to create a full network, matching recipients with proper prosthetic equipment and fittings



Coin Name: Huonix

Coin Symbol: HNX

Coin Id: 0xD0A1a43bf18E5A206828c4c6Df9D0aD9193f9E07

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

No, there is no investment as Huonix is a nonprofit organization. HNX tokens are products of Huonix sold to create donations to support the cause of Huonix. Just as the Girl Scouts sale cookies to raise funds for the causes of the Girl Scouts Huonix sales tokens to raise funds to support its cause.
As there is no investment as stated in answer 1 there should no perceived notion of profit from investment.
There is no investment contracts as HNX tokens are products of Huonix.
Any profit made by purchasing HNX and reselling HNX is made solely by the purchaser or holder of HNX and the market the purchaser or holder creates. Just as if someone to purchase a box of Girl Scout Cookies and is able to sale that box to a friend for more money than that person paid for them, the purchaser or holder has to find and create a market to resale HNX